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Principal Psychologist and Director Dr Naomi Halls

Within a framework of well-being and resilience we use a growth mindset to support individuals, families, schools and organizations to exceed their expectations- to flourish and be the best that they can be!

Leveraging our diverse backgrounds in the performing arts, psychology, education, business and media, we use cutting edge neuro-biology, evidence-based psychology, education… and healthy doses of “down to earth” practical strategies to help all our clients achieve their best. 

Dr Naomi Halls is a clinical psychologist and peak performance coach. With adjunct careers in psychology and the performing arts, Naomi is well placed to support those seeking excellence in all high performance areas. Strategies are supported by cutting edge evidence-informed science and implemented with practical strategies for maximum success. Leveraging her experience across both fields, Naomi’s unique skillset is to facilitate clients to grow to their personal best, and exceed beyond their expectations.

Naomi enriches psychological practice with her unique adjunct background in the arts and humanities, her therapeutic style is warm and empathic with the client, as an expert in their own life is gently supported to explore and implement their individual treatment goals.

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Dr Naomi Halls is a member of the Australian Society of Performing Arts Healthcare, Australian Psychological Society, Australian Clinical Psychology Association, NSW Flute Society

Affiliates: Australian Music Examination Board, Western and Northern Sydney Psychology Practice.

What We Offer

  • Growth: Nurturing Educational Success
  • Flourish: Well-being and Mental Health
  • Exceed: High Performance
  • Keynotes and Workshops