Peak Performance 

Our psychology performance programs support artists, athletes and those who aspire to the highest levels of performance in their field. Self esteem, performance anxiety and cognitive pitfalls can be overcome with nurturing support and clear psychological strategies. Dr Naomi Halls has over thirty years in the performing arts industry, as a performer, teacher, examiner and psychologist. Her program for performers has been statistically and university proven to promote success.
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Study and Education
We provide programs for school and tertiary students. Our study skills and exam preparation programs are based on the belief that achievement is always possible with time and effort. We empower our clients to implement behaviour change, use smart strategies and grow into their expectations.
Wellbeing and Mental Health
Feeling good, experiencing positive mood and recognising the pleasures available to us can be difficult in the midst of a busy life. A flourishing life is one in which we are satisfied across life domains. When emotional, cognitive, spiritual, social and physical needs are well met we experience wellbeing. Our programs focus on each of the above domains and support clients to embark on a journey of reflection and exploration, stillness and ultimate growth, to enjoy the life that is waiting for them.