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Dr Naomi Halls' 
Peak Performance Workshops
University Proven Method to help your students reach peak performance on stage and in exam room.
Expert Led Workshop
Dr Naomi Halls has wealth of experience as AMEB senior examiner, adjudicator and clinical psychologist.
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Dr Naomi Halls

Dr Naomi Halls is a clinical psychologist, senior AMEB examiner and adjudicator. Naomi gave the keynote at The 2018 NSW AMEB Examiner’s Meeting at Sydney Conservatorium titled“ Its not rocket science, its brain science and a spot of body language”.
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From Studio to Stage: Peak Performance Workshops
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It is estimated that up to 70 percent of musicians believe their public performances are not at the same level as their studio practice. To play as well in public as we do in private, musicians need to be in peak condition, psychologically, physiologically and creatively.

Many of us play well when we practice yet worry, tremble, feel sick, make mistakes or just feel our performance is not “up to scratch” in recitals and exams. We are not alone. Chopin dreaded performing, Pablo Casals often threw up back stage and Barbara Streisand did not perform for twenty years after experiencing a memory lapse in a New York concert. 

Dr Naomi Halls’ has a wealth of experience as musician, teacher, senior examiner and clinical psychologist. 

Dr Naomi’s method is university proven, and evidence-informed. The PEAK Performance Workshops integrates sport psychology literature and current psychological strategies to support performers to achieve at their best in every performance. 

The Peak Performance Workshop provides participants with a series of easy to implement steps, both in practice, and in public performance.

Workshop Details
Duration: 2 hours
Format: It is run in groups of 8-10 students. This course can be run for a music studio, school, or individuals can attend one of our public courses starting on 11 July prior to AMEB second metropolitan session.
Cost: $70 per student or group discount is available for music studios and schools
AMEB Newsletter Discount: $15 off for the first 100 students only
Course Outlines: 
- *The “P” Bomb!  
- Playing fit, not flat (self care for musicians)
- Goal setting and motivation
- Mental imagery
- Focus leads to flow
- Anxiety de-sensitizing
- Acclimatizing to the performance situation
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